CAMPAIGNS is open to working with tourism boards, travel companies, hostels and hospitality, travel websites, magazines, marketing agencies and bloggers for various types of advertising such as sponsored posts, affiliate links, press trips, product service and destination reviews and social media engagement/coverage.

If you are any brand related to the subject of travel and wanderlust, looking for someone to creatively promote your product, service or destination through engaging storytelling and top notch social media engagement, then I’m your girl!


I am available for travel related writing assignments including photo essays, guides and any projects that could use my expertise.

I retain full editorial control over the content of this site and every post is solely written by me, talking about my personal experiences.

I’m absolutely in love with the lesser-known parts of the world & want to help travelers find their way to these offbeat tracks. To do this, I want to work with organizations to promote tourism to the regions I’ve visited.

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