Whether you want to see the ancient fortresses, centuries-old temples, colorful gardens, pretty lakes, or the vibrant bazaars, there are enough places near Jaipur that’ll bring you closer to the lively culture and royal lifestyle of Rajasthan. One such destination is Abhaneri. Famous for its early medieval monuments like Chand Baori, this place had long been on my travel list. With its close proximity to Jaipur, this place is a must visit for architecture lovers.

A small rustic village in Northern Rajasthan, Abhaneri is 95 kms from Jaipur. Located on the National Highway 11 connecting Agra and Jaipur, it is easily accessible by road.

Believed to be a mispronunciation of ‘Abha Nagri’ or the ‘city of brightness’, this ancient village is renowned for its post-Gupta or early medieval monuments. A convenient detour off the much-feted Golden Triangle route-Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, this is a less sought after destination and ideal for a day out.

The principal attraction here is Chand Baori.

Goan Girl in Rajasthan
Chand Baori

Chand Baori is a 100-feet-deep stepwell that has 3500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry in 13 storeys, a visual proof of Rajputana legacy and its marvelous craftsmanship.

Today, the construction is not used as a well anymore but its exquisite geometry attracts local and international visitors alike.

Adjoining the baori is the architecturally splendid and sculpturally beautiful Harshat Mata temple which was built between the 7th-8th centuries.

Goan Girl in Rajasthan
Harshat Mata Temple

Many of its pillars, columns, statues now lie scattered in the temple courtyard and in the corridors of the structure.

The scene from the temple courtyard is picturesque with green fields, narrow village roads, tiny houses and the sun playing hide and seek on the landscape.


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2 thoughts on “Abhaneri – Trip to the most beautiful stepwell of Rajasthan”

  1. Didn’t realize how cultural there was to see and visit. Just seem like a little spot on the map. I will have to take another look. I love history and visiting historical places.

  2. Aditi you really write well.thougj I have never been to rajasthan this blog has stirred up an intense desire to visit abhaneri and the rest of Rajasthan.lets see… God willing

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